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Get Involved – Gain Pride.

Get Involved….. Gain Pride.

“What man has done to man has no limit. He has tortured him, he has burned him, he has killed him, he has exploited him in every possible way-religious, political, economic. This has been the story of man to man; the clever exploit the stupid, the ignorant.” …..J.Krishnamurti.

The tradition of human rights concepts is as old as human civilization. Every society had varying norms to protect human life and dignity. Great religions strengthened the traditions.

Human rights can be broadly defined as those rights which human beings are entitled to which no one can deprive them of. They are a set of guarantees that ensure not only living but also those basic conditions to live with dignity as a human being. They are designed to protect individuals from the threat to life and human dignity.


We are Human Foundation  is of the firm belief that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

You can bring about the much desired change….. Wake up, look around and Stand Up against any inhuman activity, ritual or practice.

Help the downtrodden, disadvantaged and the under-privileged, in gaining HOPE, CONFIDENCE & DIGNITY, which are the core elements of humanity.

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  1. wahadmin says:

    Dear all,

    The commitment is also towards proper information dissemination as well as promotion of developmental initiatives as a way of responding to the needs of the marginalized and insufficiently represented segments of the nation. In order to positive channelize the energies of the youth of these sections, WAHF is implementing various skill development projects under the PMKVY. Apart from this the focus is on basic literacy also, for which the projects like NDLM are being implemented by the Foundation.

    In service of humanity….. Team We are Human Foundation.

  2. If you send the guide line, I very very thank to your department

  3. I help your comensment & please you will be send the guidline to our Email Address. Thanks. Madan Mohan Mishra, secretary Of makarampur manishha Juba kalyan Sangha, Makarampur, regd under Socities Act 1961 & FCRA Regd Act 1976 Govt. of India.

  4. With due respect to honour I do here by to state that I Sri Madan Mohan Mishra, secretary Of Makarampur Manisha Juba Kalyan sangha, Dist- Purba Medenipur, in West Bengal as a voluntary organisation since 1993 at patashpur I & II Block, our organisation Ruraldevelopment work 1993-2015 several project & Traing programme.

  5. we msut appreciate your efforts for helping the downtrodden, disadvantaged and the under-privileged people. As a human being each one must get respect and equality status.
    Our Organisation help the youth for self employment.
    we shall be honoured if we get an opportunity work as volunteer

  6. chandan sarkar says:

    Every one to know that how is living the life , so hear is the right place to know .


    u are doing a great job.many many thanks.I want to be a part of ur organisation voluntarily.i can do something with ur helps.

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