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India is a country of contrasts. Our Society boasts of as many as 53 billionaires; the fourth highest in the world, but on the contrary it has over 3 million children living on the streets. There is a need for concerted efforts at the root level, to eliminate the disparity.
Among the world’s 10 richest people, we can find several Indian names, but on the other side, on an estimate about 17 million Indian children work as laborers. India’s economy is galloping around 7% GDP growth, but also, 2 million children die before their first birthday due to lack of immunization and medical facilities!
 With the vision to "Convert Social and Economic Liabilities in to Social and Economic Assets", We Are Human Foundation is reaching out to the children, poor youth, women and other under-privileged sections of the society and is working hard to empower them through the means of livelihood interventions.
With the firm belief that the desired changes in the lives of such children will come only when more and more privileged people start participating proactively in finding a solution. At We Are Human Foundation the support of countless individuals and groups across India who believe in making a positive difference to the humanity; keeps us going.

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